Welcome to Premier Paints Plc where premium quality and best value is our watch word.

We manufacture and market high quality products to meet unique needs of our numerous clientele. Our range of products include decorative paints, auto-refinishes, wood finishes, industrial coatings, marine and protective coatings.

Our environmental friendly wall Marshall and satin finishes speaks volume of our passion for premium quality and best valued products in protecting and beautifying the walls of your structures.
Our high performance marine and protective coatings are safe to use on and off shores.
This website presents you with vital information on products and professional ideas on various application methods that gives you the best value.


We are highly committed to consistently produce and deliver superior paints , coatings and similar products at premium quality to the satisfaction of our esteemed customer’s specification and requirements at all times , while continually improving our processes and productivity.
We have put systems and procedures in place to achieve our aim of total customer’s satisfaction through regular gathering and monitoring of customers feedback as well as trainings/development of our employees.



Our company is fully committed to providing products at the highest quality while ensuring that we comply with environmental principles and practice to prevent potential harmful effects on the environment through:

  1. Evaluating regularly our operations, procedures and products are safe for employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders as well as the environment.
  2. Minimizing waste by reviewing regularly our operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible
  3. Meeting applicable environment legislation/standards that relate to the company
  4. Raise awareness, encourage participating and training employee in environmental matter.
  5. Continual seek to improve environmental purifier at the highest level in our business